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06 Nuevas Tecnologías Que Impactarán En El Taller De Chapa Y Pintura
Nanotechnology, drones and virtual reality: new technologies that will affect the paint and body shop

Paint and body shops are little by little adapting their work processes to new technologies in order to get better results in their repairs.

New Premium High Build Binder added to TURBO VISION® platform

PPG Refinish EMEA is pleased to announce the introduction of the new P650-1010 Premium High Build Binder to the NEXA AUTOCOLOR® TURBO VISION® commercial transport range.

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Autonomous vehicles will only be able to avoid one third of accidents

Most car accidents are due to human error. Even so, self-driving vehicles would only reduce these accidents by one third. This is the conclusion reached by a study carried out by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in the United States.


Uncompromising speed and flexibility - a winning combination found in Nexa Autocolor’s latest clear, the P190-8002 Express Plus Clearcoat.

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White is still the number one car colour

Once again, white has been the most popular colour among the car buyers in Europe, according to the latest study "2019 Colour trends in the Automotive Industry". However, it has decreased 6 percent compared to 2018 data.

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Three options for transferring to the client the extra effort made by the garage regarding safety and hygiene measures due to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced many new things into our lives. One of them is the way the garage treats their clients.

Do electric cars have a higher possibility of bodywork damages?

A study has compared the accident rate of electric cars compared with those of combustion motors in case of a fleet of 1.000 vehicles.

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Are the new truck and trailer aerodynamic parts a business opportunity for bodywork garages?

The aerodynamics of European trucks still have a lot of ground to make up. On this matter, the European Union has introduced modifications in its legislation in order to improve the cabins that will be put up for sale starting in May of 2020.

NEXA AUTOCOLOR® celebrates one year of MOONWALK™

PPG’s revolutionary paint mixing system MOONWALK™ is celebrating its first anniversary.

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Bodywork and paint garages, committed to the environment: an added value for the clients

The commitment to the environment by the bodywork and paint garages can be a strong commercial argument in the eyes of their clients, whether they are companies or private clients.

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Is it necessary to change the bodywork design to eliminate blind spots?

The design of each vehicle’s body determines the blind areas that, little by little, are getting covered by different systems that the rearview mirror did not reach.

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Truck cabins will change their design starting in 2020 in order to make them safer and more efficient

European trucks, and especially their cabins, look like huge ‘bricks’ with ‘flat noses’ and flat shapes. But this was not always the case. Not too long ago, ‘long nose’ trucks drove on European roads, as they do, for example, on US roads.